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8 Weeks to REAL FOOD


I first wanted to start this new Newsletter series by introducing myself. My name is Jessica Jeffrey. I have worked with Dr. Chris for almost 4 years. I started off in the office with my first daughter, Kyley, when she was 3 months old. I worked in the office until she was 15 months and it became too stressful being able to do my job with a toddler running around. I have continued to work behind the scenes and when the office is closed handling the insurance companies while also maintain everyone's accounts.

What started me on my journey to REAL FOOD was the birth of my first daughter.

Before that, I really didn't care. Through my pregnancy I made sure to eat lots of fruits and veggies, drink my water, and basically be healthy. But I had no idea about GMO's, pesticides, food manufacturing process, or antibiotic and hormone use in meat production.

I exclusively breast fed and made all her baby food. It was when she started eating solid food that I was introduced to how our traditional food supply is ran. I started reading, and reading, and reading. And I became worried.

Here, I had a beautiful, precious, daughter who was depending on me making all her decisions for her. My decisions on food will impact her future. It will impact how her body handles sickness, her chances of cancer, her body's metabolism, her chances of genetic influences, her emotions, her hormones, her personality, and much, much more.

That is when I found this newsletter series. And what I liked about it the most was the steps you take. They are small steps. Because, I know how hard it is to change how/what you eat. For me, it was definitely not an over night process. That's not how I work.  It wasn't easy changing my food identity while under the stress of first time motherhood. It wasn't easy to change from convenience food to making almost everything from scratch.

What is great about this newsletter, is that you can go at your own pace. I will send out the newsletter weekly, but you can easily take one, two, or three weeks to implement what is suggested. All you need to do is save the newsletters and go at your pace.

I am excited to be able to provide you with these tools and information. I will be using the majority of the program I used, and I will add in my insights and my experiences as well. If you know of someone who would like to do this please send them our way. They can sign up for the newsletter without being a patient. If you find someone who want's to learn and we are already in the middle of the series, please let me know and I will get them the information.

Remember to go at your own pace. It has taken me 4 years to get to where I am at. We currently eat only hormone and antibiotic free meat, dairy, and eggs. I make all our own bread. We eat organic of the dirty 15. My goal for my girls (yup, I have two now, 3.5 years and 22 months) is to eat REAL FOOD 80% of the time and let go of the other 20%, because that way I can stay sane.

And I also have great resources for local groceries, food co-ops, and online help with budgeting, meal prep, freezer meals, and communities.

My hope for this series is to get you started on your road to REAL FOOD. I know the vast benefits of eating this way and I want you to reap those benefits as well.

Looking forward to this series,

Jessica Jeffrey

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