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Posted on 04-30-2015

What's for dinner?

Oh, the meal planning!!! Wracking your brain to figure out what to cook that you, your spouse, and your kiddo's will eat... Add trying your hardest to make it healthy, and sometimes (or a lot of the time) you are at a loss. Or stuck in a rut of the same old, same old. 

I know veggie recipes are always the hardest to figure out or change up. We seem to eat the same roasted root veggies or sauted veggies over and over. 


Think green, Think Crispy, Think salty goodness.

It may take a bit of coaxing to get the others at your table to try it, but once they do,                                                                             

Open your mind and give this a try....

Kale and Spinach Chips

  & ‚Äč

Grab a bunch of dry kale or spinach. Pull Kale greens off the stem (the stem of the leaf is SUPER bitter). Use the spinach leaves whole. 

Toss with good olive oil or for extra goodness use coconut oil

Sprinkle with Real Salt

Place a single layer of chips on cookie sheet

Toss in oven set at 250 for 40+ minutes. 

Pull them out when they are crispy and enjoy!!!

I have found that the dehydrating method works better than actually cooking them. The kale looses some of it's bitterness this way. 

You can always add spices instead of or in addition to the salt. Think Parmesean cheese, or do a Mexican style .... it's limitless and you are getting those healthy greens. 

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